About us

Fat Yak LLC (Mongolian: Тарган Сарлаг ХХК) is an Uliastai-based travel company that conducts local tour operations in Zavkhan province. Our staff possesses a deep well of experience through extensive travel across the length and breadth of Mongolia, leading both family tours to rugged adventures. All the trips we offer are carefully organized and time-tested. Mongolia is one of the very few countries in which the centuries-old traditional lifestyle of the vast grassland steppe and desert survives intact. Half the population of Mongolia still lives under the eternal blue sky as nomadic herders, moving their animals and round, and living in felt homes according to the rhythm of the seasons. Warm hospitality for travelers is an essential part of nomadic culture. Fat Yak invites you to share in this unique tradition.

Tudevvaanchig Battulga, (as a Tudevee) is the founder of Fat Yak Travel Company. As a guide who has been traveling throughout the country extensively, as well as being born and raised in the countryside of Zavkhan itself, he has gathered extensive knowledge about leading successful tour operations in Mongolia. In the past years since graduating as a tourism manager he has led countless trips and expeditions from active adventures to cultural journeys, such as trekking, horse riding, mountain biking, climbing, and off road tours. In the last few years, he has been working as a local logistics person for media programs such as “Death Worm”- National Geographic, “Survival”-BBC, “Truck Race”, “Do Not Drive Here-Ulaanbaatar”, “Man Hunt”- Discovery and “An Idiot Abroad”- Sky TV and many more . . .

Fat Yak team